Amiran Refractory Brick Factory Group


Amiran Industrial Group, using Iranian knowledge and using the experiences and technology of successful foreign and European manufacturers and with a completely proprietary formulation, has succeeded in producing a unique type of antique brick based on plant minerals, which has successful unique properties. Has received many national and international awards.

25 Years of experience
Top manufacturer of facade bricks with the bestQuality

Advantages of buying Amiran Nama refractory bricks

  • 1- Existence of warehouse and factory in Tehran, which causes easy access for the customer and reduces transportation costs.
  • 2- Comprehensive customer support from the order stage to the completion of the facade
  • 3- It has a very high quality and a very reasonable price compared to the quality of the product
  • 4- It has a variety of unique designs and colors in different dimensions.
  • 5- Amiran Nema refractory bricks never salt due to the use of high quality minerals and special formula.
  • 6- Has a quality assurance guarantee of Iran and the only company guaranteeing refractory bricks for up to 15 years
  • 7- Has national ID, registration number, economic code, ISO 9001 and European CE standard and approved by the national standard of Iran
  • 8- Has a business identity card, electronic trust symbol and national registration mark "Organization"
  • 9- Accepting the return of goods in case of customer dissatisfaction.
  • 10- Committed and disciplined to timely delivery of goods
  • 11- Ease of payment and settlement of goods

Our statistics

951200+Number of projects
250+International customers
2360+Loyal customer

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